September 29th

We recommend only 6 people in the changing rooms at any time

We recommend max of 3 people using the showers art any time.

We recommend players come changed and ready to play

We recommend face coverings are worn when in changing rooms

We recommend team talks are done on the pitch weather permitting

We have taken alternate seats out of commission in the dugouts.  Please observe social distancing here.

Everyone going indoors (The Roost, Clubhouse, toilets) MUST wear a mask, therefore we ask everyone to bring a facecovering to the game.  We will have masks available to purchase at £5.  Anyone with an exemption will be required to provide evidence or they will not be allowed indoors.

We have QR codes displayed at all ground entrances (we will lock the back car park entrance for your game).  Whoever is on the gate needs to ensure everyone scans the QR code or provides their name, email and mobile - can you provide the gate people with an appropriate form.  These details need to be accessible for 21 days.

We have a new route for accessing the clubhouse and the bar.  The normal clubhouse entrance is locked.  Entry is through The Roost doors by the kitchen -  face covering must be worn whilst indoors.  New one way system is in force.  Customers order at The Roost bar and collect from The Clubhouse bar.  There is no seating available - takeaway service only.  Customers must exit through the toilet area.

Toilets - spectators are asked to use the pitch side toilets.  The clubhouse toilets can only be accessed by going through The Roost.  Because of our one way system, the normal clubhouse toilet entry is now EXIT ONLY.  This will cause confusion and irritation, but we need to have a clear one way system in place. 

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